42F The French Attitude

2019 is about to arrive, and we wanted to receive the new year with new energy, and a little bit more of our French Attitude. During the past 4 years we have been there for you to supply the most exclusive products in the market. Under 42F Distribution your store was introduced to dish towels inspired by the French heritage, aprons, soaps and more. 

But, we want to run the extra mile, because our business is you! 42F The French Attitude is not about distribution, it’s about a win-win long term relationship with our clientele, it’s abut knowing you, and providing you with an unique offer, permanent customer service, and help to set up a beautiful display that will make all items fly away from the shelves.

Excited news for all who are, and those soon to be clients; we’re bringing Royal Tapisserie to America! A French brand with almost 100 years manufacturing the most beautiful and exclusive bag collections. Montolivet is growing as well! You’ll find unique tools for your kitchen that will for sure make heads turn over. 

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