Montolivet, 1972

Montolivet represents a family memory of Provence, France. An inspiration from the shining sun, singing cicadas, and the olive trees spread across the hills. Every item, every collection is exclusively selected for everyday use and to last for generations.

The second you turn the page of our catalog to Montolivet you are transported to those moments at grandma’s house. The Laguiole knives represent a beautiful french tradition, 100% made in Thiers, you are sure your children will continue to use them as well.

Olive wood is another french tradition brought to you by Montolivet. The only brand in the market still manufacturing in France their olive wood collection, and the only one that offers colored products, using a unique method 100% handmade.

Soaps with the smell of Provence, beautiful gift wraps, boxes, and cotton bags that your clients will immediately love. Montolivet displays are a warm meal ready to be eaten slowly with the souvenirs of simple times. Take a minute to enjoy its beauty.

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