T&B Maison, French Art de Vivre

For over 20 years Torchons & Bouchons, now T&B Maison, has brought to life the imagination, creativity, and unique designs of French artists to your home. 100% handmade, this brand offers much more than a dish towel, it is a piece of heritage, through the gastronomy, wine, style, places, and time of France.  

All T&B Maison products are certified with the label Origine France Garantie. Eco-friendly, all textiles are printed with water-based inks without any solvent or phthalate. 100% cotton, they are made to last, and you’ll find that after every wash the cotton turns softer and nicer to the touch.

With a large variety you will find inside its collections something perfect for your customers. There is something for wine lovers, food lovers, life lovers. They make a beautiful display at any store that will attract and capture the eye of people looking for a unique gift, for a piece of France to decorate their kitchen, T&B Maison has all you can expect of a dish towel, and much more. Visit our website, take a look, and contact us for more information, we do not have minimum orders, so try T&B today!

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