Royal Tapisserie, Fashion Escale

Opening doors for a new brand is always excited. We choose carefully all our products, thinking on our over 300 customers, their clients, and how any new item may complement and balance all up. Royal Tapisserie and Fashion Escale were chosen under the same parameters.

They both represent nearly 100 years of hard work, creativity, elegance, and success. As a family own business Royal Tapisserie has been the favorite handbag and accessories brand in France since 1920! And now we are bringing it to your store.

Royal Tapisserie is 100% handmade in France. All their products come with an authentic Fabrication Francaise label that adds to its value. We are happy to be exclusive distributor of this beautiful brand in the United States market and we are happier to introduce it to you here.

You can see all collections here, ask for our limited offer with any purchase of Royal Tapisserie, Fashion Escale, as we fill up thousands of stores around the country with these gorgeous designs. Contact us for more information, and remember there is not minimum order, place your now!

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