Amazing bag to bag offer!

To us your business is our business, and we’re always looking for new opportunities to offer you the best prices and items for your store. That’s why we have prepare an incredible offer. Have you heard of Coaban?

Coaban is a unique French brand that offers handbags, bag to bag, and other different solutions for everyday women. They know we love handbags and that sometimes we left important things behind when we change one for another, at least it happens to me. So, they created this amazing Coaban bag to bag. You just need to put all your items inside and place it inside your handbag choice for the day.

You can now order Coaban for the incredible price of only $10 each. Remember that we don’t believe in minimum orders, so choose as many as you need for your clients. More than six different colors available!

I personally use it to go to the gym. It has a perfect size to carry with me exactly what I need. You can check their collection here. And take a look to our catalog so you can check everything we do! Contact us now and place your Coaban order!

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