T&B Dish towels

You already know this brand and love their beautiful handmade dish towels. But did you know that their process is completely artisan? 16 artists creating new collections, personally painting each towel by hand with water ink in the most natural and Eco-friendly process.

The same owners soon to celebrate 21 years manufacturing the best and only 100 % Made in France dish towels in the market. As part of their procedure the towels are cut from 100 % cotton linen and then send to the artist’s atelier where the creation starts.

Having France as their inspiration, they think of collections that enhance their cultural heritage. The world famous French gastronomy, the tasty wine tradition, the fashion, Paris and much more. Each line, each illustration is delicately made by their hands.

When you buy a T&B towel, you are buying a master piece. Carefully made to last, with top materials that are nice to our environment and that give your kitchen a chic touch.

Check the entire T&B collection here. You can also download our full catalog. Not minimum orders, and receive an exclusive promotion when you call us at +1 786 316 0735 and mention this post.

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