So Apero! French slicer available now!

Kitchen gadget lovers be ready! We are introducing this year the one and only French Slicer “La guillotine” So Apero! This amazing gadget cuts through anything, it’s fun and easy to use and clean.

We prepare a video for you to check it out. And on this post we wanted to tell you the story behind the Slicer and why it has sold more than 700,000 units only in France last year. 700,000? Yes, that’s impressive, don’t you think?

Well, So Apero! means “let’s share together, let’s drink and have some tapas with our friends”. L’apero is a precious moment for French people, as I once heard “It’s an institution”. It’s that precious moment before eating when you drink something stronger than wine, when you cut some cheese, some saucisson, add some crackers to the mix, olives and whatever you feel like and you talk, laugh, and share.

If you don’t have l’apero, you don’t have friends, and for a perfect Apero you need the French slicer on the table. We’re just getting starting with the Slicer, after introducing it on the January shows we were so happy with people’s reaction, and acceptance. The Slicer is a winner in the US.

We put together a video for you to see everything the slicer can do, and how easy it is to use it! Follow this link FRENCH SLICER remember you can access our full catalog from our website, and follow us on Instagram for more news, products, offers, etc.

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