We understand how important it is for our retailers to have a catalog on hand to go through each time they need something new for their stores, or want to order more of that amazing item that has been flying out of the shelves.

What do you think is a must have in a catalog?

We thought that presenting our products on a display would save our clients hours of work, giving them the opportunity to apply the extra time into sales and marketing. So, our new catalog is display ready!

You just need to pick your favorite and you will receive it ready to be presented to customers in a cute and attractive way. What do you think?

We have take our time to select only the products you love, and to choose some new things that we know you are going to fell for! Our new catalog will be at your store by the end of June if you are one of our existing clients. In the meantime follow us on Instagram for the most beautiful kitchen decor pictures, new products, and fun! FOLLOW HERE!

Would you like us to send you our new catalog? Send us an email and we would be more than happy! Access current catalog HERE and give us a call +17863160735

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