Croque Monsieur

One of my favorites from France are Croque Monsieur. Breakfast, dinner, you make them and I’ll eat them. A ex-boyfriend taught me his recipe for this delicious guilty pleasure and here I leave it for all of you. Please avoid French food is you want to stay on the shape you’re. It’s so addictive, it’s soooo good. Be careful, I gained 15 lbs while living in Dijon, France, and God they were worth it!

You’ll need

  • Cheese (Gouda or any good melting cheese)
  • Ham (use the one you like, but don’t get too creative)
  • Bread (again choose the one you like a white regular sandwich bread is ideal)
  • Cooking cream (My God everything is good with cream)
  • Something great for decor?
  • Goes great with a green salad (try to do one with a French homemade dressing)

Let’s do this! Take a slice of bread, add some cooking cream to cover it, add the ham, add least three slices, put a lot of cheese, cover with another slice of bread, add more cooking cream on the top, cover all the sandwich, add some more cheese.

BTW before starting to do them you better get your oven to preheat at 350, I forgot to write that LOL. Well, coming back to business, place your beautifully make Croque Monsieur on a oven plate and cook. Prepare as many as you want following the same steps. One or two for you, some for a friend, husband, the children (they will love them).

You should cook them until the cheese is melted and brown. Serve, add a bit of green salad on the side and enjoy! If you try them and like them let me know, so I can write my ex and tell him he actually did something good.

Till the next one!


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