The French Slicer @ the Ace Hardware show

People get ready! The French slicer is here to stay. We are so happy with all the success that our Guillotine is having all across the United States. We didn’t expect such a big welcome.

As you know our Slicer is featured on The Grommet where you can buy it to use at home and entertain friends, CHECK THE SLICER VIDEO, but now you can also get it wholesale and share the joy of having a Guillotine at home.

Also, the success comes with a visit to the Ace Hardware show THIS WEEK! We’re leaving tomorrow for Atlanta were all Ace stores will have the opportunity to buy our French Slicer at an incredible price. We will be doing demonstrations all day so you can see how it operates and why your clients will love it. Frank will be there to answer all your questions.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @42fdistribution for updates and visit our website to download our full catalog, I know you’re going to love what we have waiting for you!

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