Thanksgiving Scalloped Potatoes

We are already getting a Christmas feeling in the office, and Thanksgiving is almost here!

We’re so happy to be in our new warehouse and being able to ship order on time, we know this is a season for shopping but most importantly a magical time to share with family and friends. So, in order to make your celebration even greater, additionally to our products we want to share our Potatoes side dish with you! As you know French people love their potatoes and this is a perfect time to have them withouting feeling guilty (no that we ever do) BTW get ready to read the word potatoes a lot!.

For this sensational side dish you will need as many potatoes as people coming LOL.

  • 6 to 8 potatoes (this dish is one of my favorites so do as many as you can cook on a baking dish)
  • Bacon or ham (for a dramatic twist)
  • 2 large Onions (come on, who can cook without them)
  • Cooking cream (hello, what do you think gives that creamy taste)
  • Love (secret ingredient)

Hands to the kitchen! Cut the potatoes into slices, no to thick. On a large pan add the bacon, or ham, and cook half way, at this point add the onion you previously cut into small pieces, let it cook on the oil coming from the bacon that will add a lot of flavor.

Add the potatoes you sliced and let everything cut, mixing every couple of minutes, if you can cover it and let it slow cook for 15 minutes that would be great! Grab the biggest baking dish you have and start putting the potatoes there making a beautiful line till the end, you should have at least four lines for potatoes. On the same pan you cook the mixture of potatoes, onion and bacon (or ham), add the cooking cream, add some pepper and salt and let it impregnate with all those magical flavors. Add the cream in top of the potatoes, cover well every corner.

Cook on a preheat over (of course at 425) for 35 minutes, during that time cover the dish with some aluminium paper and take it off after the 35 minutes, let it get brown for a few 15 minutes and you are ready to enjoy!

Be careful it’s hot!

Bonus extra: Save some time and have fun cutting everything for this recipe with our So Apero French Slicer, available online and at select stores across the country. Contact us for wholesale price!

Let me know if you try this recipe before, what is your variation, do you add something else to it?

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