Who said Showtime?

We are always willing to run the extra mile for our clients and when we heard our beloved Creme de la Creme stores where celebrating their 19th anniversary we jumped to the first fight available to go help them and introduce to their clients all the amazing products we have been helping them get to their stores for a few years now.

Frank was there and of course he wasn’t afraid to put on a show for the clients to see the French Slicer in action! He took his apron (Cook collection available on catalog page 48), some salami and cheese and the clients enjoy a real French entertainment. Additionally, they have the opportunity to buy the Slicer but also our holiday Gift Box! 100% handmade Urban Laguiole Knives from France, a Jacquard towel, a small cutting board, a block and box to storage your Laguiole and a cotton bag!

Part of the event is available on our Instagram @42fdistribution where you can also see must of the products we bring from France for you! We love to celebrate with our clients their success, so if you would like us to come visit you, make some demonstrations and celebrate with you please let us know!

Our products are available to buy online at major websites like Grommet.com and Wayfair.com you can find them on more than 600 stores across the country, and if you are interested on wholesale prices give us a call 786 316 0735. Visit our website for more information https://42fdistribution.com/

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