Thank you for another year

We are so close to the end of another year!

2019 was an amazing 365 days. We introduced So Apero to the USA, and we couldn’t be more happy with the acceptance, we sold so many units that we know you will enjoy using it during this holidays. We welcomed so many new friends to our family, thank you for your thrust, we know that together we will accomplish so much.

Royal Tapisserie was another plus to our 2019. A complete turn to our usual collections. Bringing French Fashion to the USA, 100% handmade with cotton and leather, Royal Tapisserie defines over a century of tapestry history with beautiful and colorful designs available at numerous museum gift shops and fashion boutiques in France and now as well in the United States!

Next year is going to be full of surprises, you will have access to the timeless collections you love, like T&B Maison by Winkler 100% handmade in France tea towels, and Montolivet’s delicate and unique colored olive wood, and now its certified made in France Laguiole knives. As well as many new products and a brand new line!

For the time being, we wanted to take a minute to say thank you again, and remind you all our offers for the end of the year are available for you to enjoy. Send us an email at for more information on wholesale pricing, give us a call with your questions at 786-316-0736 and visit our website to check our full catalog

Happy 2020 everyone, it was and will always be our pleasure to serve you!

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