A little Bonjour from 42F

Welcome and get ready to be surprise!

We’re excited to introduce you to our new 2019 catalog. You can go to our website and download it NOW!

A new brand is waiting for you inside, Royal Tapisserie is now in the US Market with all its unique designs and fashion trends, don’t miss it out and go to page 43!

We have some news for those who love T&B Maison, Ça et Là and Winkler as much as we do. They’ve partnered to keep on bringing you the best dish towels and kitchen linens to your store. Same old, same good, but under Winkler corporation as the main brand.

And of course, Montolivet is growing too! Adding to its unique olive wood collection, you can now find knives, oak wood tools for everyday use, along with the things that you already know and like. All with a beautiful French touch to give any kitchen a classy twist. Go to page 4 and send us your order!      

Since 2015 and for one more year 42F Distribution continues to be your door to Europe. Providing you with some of the most exclusive products from France and the world.

We hope you fell in love with all the new things we chose for you, we wish you all the best and want to remind you that our business is YOU!